Audio Adaptations

This is a repository for shows that do audio readings of articles from the Wanderer's Library. While not comprehensive, this page should serve as a good jumping-off point for those who would like to consume Library entries through a medium other than text.

Wanderer's Library Book Club

Taking inspiration from the SCP Wiki's Reading Club, the Library Book Club is a bi-monthly event hosted by staff and recorded live in our Discord server. Users submit articles that fit the theme for that show, and the hosts and volunteers read them live, offering input, thoughts, praise, and criticism afterwards. Shows are recorded and uploaded to Anchor/Spotify within 1-2 days of the event.

Assorted Shows

Name Description Links
Fraizwrite Classic Library stories brought back to life in audio format. YouTube
Goodnight Rounderpede Medley episodes of 3-4 Library entries, read as bedtime stories by the Chief Archivist. Spotify, YouTube
Scrambleking Reads Medley readings of new and old stories in a colorful format along with author interviews, delivered by a cat. YouTube
Wanderers' Book Club by IronShears Readings of Library stories accompanied by beautiful original artworks. YouTube
Wanderer's Reading Corner Simple, soft-spoken readings to chill and relax to. YouTube
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