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While these documents have previously been scrubbed of infohazardous data, they are subject to retroactive alterations which may generate new hazard vectors. To ensure your safe retention of relevant materials, memetic inoculants will regularly be deployed throughout; you may experience déjà vu, inattentiveness, and altered perceptions while reading, and can dismiss these as natural side effects of inoculation.


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Item#: SCP-XX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-XX is contained within Site-██'s L3 Non-Visual Observational Chamber, which is externally opaque. Aside from its entrance, the chamber's interior generally should not be visually observed excepting experimental or verifying efforts. Direct observation or contact with SCP-XX should only be conducted by D-Class or otherwise non-essential personnel. Any object or entity entering SCP-XX's area of effect must be considered lost unless, and until, it happens to reemerge.

Individuals who observe and/or cognize SCP-XX directly are to be closely monitored for deleterious side-effects, and assigned psychiatric care as needed. Amnestic therapy has generally proven ineffective in mitigating such symptoms.

realtime infohazard protection ACTIVE

DESCRIPTION: SCP-XX is the designation for an object, entity or phenomena of unknown specification, housed within Site-██. It exists as one of the oldest recorded anomalies in Foundation possession that cannot properly be traced to a point of origin, having been contained within Site-██ since 1925. Thus, Site-██ is considered the designation's point of origin for lack of better explanation. SCP-XX cannot be perceived/conceptualized to a satisfactory extent, evidenced by various eyewitness testimonies which have yielded inconclusive data. Testing personnel who have been able to withstand the cognitive effects of SCP-XX have described it with various incompatible descriptors, including (but not limited to):

  • a solid
  • an amorphous mass
  • a container
  • a hole
  • deep
  • shallow
  • small
  • infinite
  • incorporeal/transparent
  • defined
  • out-of-focus
  • empty
  • full
  • impossible
  • unforgettable
  • outermost
  • immobile
  • in constant motion
  • inert
  • active
  • unable to talk
  • possessing multiple voices1

99.8% of individuals who maintain visual contact with the anomaly experience an array of immediate debilitating symptoms including migraines, tinnitus, temporary vision loss/ophthalmoplegia, epistaxis, confusion, glossolalia, aphasia, nausea/vomiting, and other neurological/sensory dysfunctions. These symptoms do not appear to be fatal and typically resolve over time, aside from various traumatic responses and overall cognitive impairments. Photographs, alternative imaging/modeling methods and detection systems used on SCP-XX appear to propagate the effect, though to a lesser extent and at the cost of decreased comprehension of the materials. In addition, approximately 35% of test subjects disappear from SCP-XX's testing chamber during testing and without apparent cause. GPS tagging has proven not useful in recovering lost personnel, though limited audiovisual surveillance of test subjects has revealed scattered, additional details about the whereabouts of lost personnel. More information can be found below.

Amnestic application on subjects in attempt to remove recollection of SCP-XX has been futile, as affected patients not only retain their memories but tend to exhibit a rebound effect, often complaining of more vivid and frequent intrusive recall of detrimental thoughts and experiences post-treatment. Unfortunately, mnestic application has not yet yielded additional concrete details about the anomaly.

An aggregation of all testing responses from recovered personnel indicates that SCP-XX is most likely shaped like something (59.3%), has an interior or at least three sides (73.9%), takes up space (50.4%), and is wrong in some fashion (97.7%).

retroactively-generated infohazardous content removed

ORIGIN: Given that all personnel who may have come in contact with the anomaly or had some part in its reconnaissance have died since its acquisition nearly one century ago, information regarding the discovery, manifestation, and ownership of SCP-XX is sparse, if not nonexistent. The only known evidence pertaining to the anomaly's origin is a single piece of parchment paper bearing a written message in German, which was logged to SCP-XX's file at the time of creation and later scanned to microfiche prior to its presumed deterioration.

I told you so, you fucking idiot!

This new version means a complication of the fundamentals, and will probably be looked upon by almost all our colleagues as an interesting, though mischievous and gratuitous stunt, particularly since it is unlikely that empirical support will be obtainable in the foreseeable future!

Also, I am fearful of my confusion. Why is it so painful, what noise is it making? Please remove this immediately, I can't bring myself to destroy anything which in itself is [INFOHAZARD REDACTED].

Kind Regards,

Investigation of the possible identities and relevance of parties referenced is ongoing.

should you feel unwell, pause and reread this message until such feelings subside

ADDENDUM A: Experimental Results

Over the 100-year duration of SCP-XX's containment, numerous tests have been conducted with intent to elucidate the anomaly's nature and status. The following document is a truncated report of these experiments.


METHOD: Construct a human-comprehensible model of SCP-XX.


NOTE: While Gen-I Conscript 8B-A1.aic has devised an algorithmic model which successfully predicts the behavior of SCP-XX, all other conscripts invariably encounter fatal errors when attempting to read the model's outputs regarding the anomaly's nature. These outputs have been discarded for the safety and efficacy of AIAD operations.


METHOD: Analyze SCP-XX's containment area for conceptual hazards.


NOTE: Well, we know conceptualizing the anomaly triggers a hazardous effect, but we don't think it's the concept itself. Not that we can actually pin the concept down; it just keeps pointing toward other parts of itself.

— Dir. D. Borisov


METHOD: Determine if SCP-XX is antimemetic in nature, or more easily understood via mnestic drugs.


NOTE: The anomaly's deleterious effects are permanently intensified upon mnestic-enhanced cognition.

— Dir. J. Schweikart


METHOD: Determine possible location(s) of vanished personnel.


NOTE: They're going somewhere. We have some data from the location, but large portions of the footage have been scrubbed per hazard protocol. What we can see vaguely resembles SCP-XX's containment area.


METHOD: Determine optimal descriptors for SCP-XX using novel, nonhazardous denotations.


NOTE: Any sufficiently descriptive word or phrase is a hazard vector, no matter how simplified. We were able to generate a unique locution which can be generally parsed: SCP-XX is [INFOHAZARD REDACTED]. We've no idea why, but it fits the conceptual map.


METHOD: Locate SCP-XX's noetic coordinates for isolation and future reference.


NOTE: Could not be found; degree of self-reference in concept pointer triggered fatal recursion error in rhizomatic mapping equipment.


METHOD: Scan SCP-XX's containment area for Hume fluctuations.


NOTE: Kant counters seem to carry the cognitive effect with them and are unreadable when placed in the containment area.

METHOD: Per advances in Ontokinetics research, scan SCP-XX's containment area for atypical Daumal readings.


NOTE: Renderings of SCP-XX's local reality-structures are also vectors for the anomaly's hazardous effects. It would appear the fabric of narra-space-time within the containment area is shaped similarly to SCP-XX, itself.

— Dir. R. Asheworth


METHOD: Locate SCP-XX in the Semiosphere and isolate possible vectors for communications use.


NOTE: Cannot be found. Miscommunications' provided locution is processed as a unique symbology, largely disconnected from external ideoforms per its self-reference; [INFOHAZARD REDACTED] is [INFOHAZARD REDACTED].



METHOD: Determine if SCP-XX is nonlogical or otherwise perceptible on agnostics


NOTE: Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why did you send us this? Why […]

[83 pages redacted for brevity]

— Dir. <%> Gat's left shoe, on behalf of Dir. <%> Gat's right shoe


METHOD: Scan SCP-XX's containment area for atypical Akiva radiation emissions.


NOTE: The anomaly is observed to emit zero Akiva radiation whatsoever, despite its conceptual significance and Tartarean-entity response profile. This is an assumed reading error; observational worship ongoing.

— Dr. Y. Leiner


METHOD: Determine other potential orthogonal vectors by which vanished personnel could have escaped.


NOTE: Personnel who have disappeared during exploratory testing have been detected travelling along a given vector that is compactified at the center of SCP-XX. Direction changes wildly after a certain distance inward. That is to say, they are [INFOHAZARD REDACTED] into the anomaly.

Please ignore the mistake in previous update, I don't know why I thought that was a real word.

//— Dr. //

Following this test, the locution generated by the Department of Miscommunications was determined to be a memetic hazard. Personnel using the term report intrusive thoughts of SCP-XX, regardless of prior knowledge of the anomaly. Abstract/conceptual testing of SCP-XX suspended indefinitely.

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