Door Squid

Welcome, Dr. Okonofo. Backend mode is active. You may append comments for containment personnel to address at the conclusion of this file.

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Infrastructure displaying signs of SCP-7XXX infestation.

You may append your comments here. Containment personnel will respond within 24 hours.

Since coming on as Humanoid Resources Delegate for Area-12 I've been trying to figure out why everyone is so stressed, on edge, just plain freaked out all the time. Finally someone pointed me to this file, and now I get it. What I don't get: why the hell hasn't this ongoing containment breach been dealt with yet? How is it even POSSIBLE that these things have been loose in the facility for so long? Surely they should have been wiped out decades ago.

It's not that easy. Think of them as termites.

So, we fumigate.

Fine, do not think of them as termites. Think of them as the sea creatures which consume shipwrecks and leave ship-shaped corpses behind. They don't eat our infrastructure, they replace it.

I still don't see why this hasn't been fixed, but now I also don't see why the file is lacking the explanatory context you just provided.

Morale. For one thing, clearing the little buggers out and replacing all the affected superstructure would take longer than constructing an entirely new facility. Hence, Cernunnos.

That can't be right.

Fine. I'll show you.

This is a LIDAR cross-section of Area-12, right?



This is the present extent of SCP-7XXX infestation in the superstructural members.


Oh, right, and the bedrock too. We need to add something in the file about that.


We need to evacuate the entire facility.

No, we don't. We've got work to do, and that work requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail. Just like the work 7XXX is doing. Just like the work required to not get grabbed by them. You haven't been working here long enough to really get it, so don't beat yourself up. There's plenty of things here that'll do that for you.

You need to evolve your thinking a little.

They aren't infesting Area-12.

They are Area-12.

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