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Review this file one page at a time, and take notes on each page with the provided cards. The file will be yours to keep, and the notes will be for you alone. Work out what you're looking at, then put the whole dossier in your safe when you're done and come see me in my office.

You won't need me to tell you not to talk about this with anyone else, but I'm telling you anyway.

— AD Marek


UIU File 1972-055: Case File "Faultline"

A self-censoring event of unknown magnitude and consequence occurring on 12/15/1972 within Sugar Grove, West Virginia. A facility designated 'Area-12' is established in the vicinity shortly thereafter by the SCP Foundation. Federal investigations into the event (which had occurred on U.S. soil and on what was previously federal land prior to the Foundation's abrupt acquisition of the location) are continually hampered by that organization over the following decades.

This is me, taking notes at fifty percent of baseline human speed. Am I being demoted to the secretarial pool? Is that how far I've fallen?


What is the Unusual Incidents Unit? Mentioned at the debriefing; sounds like pulp nonsense.

What is the SCP Foundation? See above.

What does “self-censoring” mean? Also see above.

Report Author: ASAC Samuel E. Jacobs Date Filed: 05/25/1973
American, SCP Foundation, Unsecured, Self-classifying, Non-Human(?), Locale(?), Destructive(?)

Event Discovery: Details known, functionally impossible to record. Data is universally forgotten shortly after reading.

Locale Summary (Pre-Event): Sugar Grove, a small rural community with a population of [INSERT] within Pendleton County, WV. Situated centrally within the National Radio Quiet Zone1 and housing Sugar Grove Station, a National Security Agency (NSA) and Navy Information Operations Command (NAVIOCOM) communications site.

Locale Summary (Post-Event): Location secured by the SCP Foundation immediately following the event. Limited salvageable information (see — pg.2 on Evidence). NSA Sugar Grove Station is occupied by SCP Foundation personnel and re-designated "Outpost-12". Present use of the facility, if it has been altered at all from its original purpose, is unknown.

What minimal investigations covert Unusual Investigations Units have successfully carried out have returned inconsistent and generally incomprehensible fragments of data and witness accounts. What few sources remain within the area suggest a tremendous increase in irregular occurrences throughout. The nature, cause, magnitude, or consequence of these ostensible occurrences are, likewise and consistently, unknown.


1 Established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Docket No. 11745 (November 19, 1958) and by the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) in Document 3867/2 (March 26, 1958) to minimize possible harmful interference with the radio receiving facilities for the United States Navy in Sugar Grove, WV; presently responsible for intercepting all international communications entering the Eastern United States. Simultaneously shielding the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank, WV, conducting civilian radio astronomy.


Apparently a report from some doubleplus top secret branch of the Bureau. Obviously I can buy that. What I can't buy is the quality of this reporting.

I can't imagine any section chief who'd be happy with the nonsense on this page. It's basically “something happened but we dunno” ten times over.

This is an admission of failure.

AFTER an admission of mental illness.

“Data is universally forgotten shortly after reading.” I can't find any record of a Sam Jacobs at the Bureau; did they unperson him for writing the single worst report in FBI history, or after his catastrophic nervous breakdown?


Exhibit A: A slightly translucent, light pinkish petal with a smooth texture. The object's material composition is abnormal, with a tensile strength of roughly 17.23GPa, yet still strangely pliable. Its edges are sharp, hazardous if mishandled. Discovered just north of the National Radio Quiet Zone boundary, believed to have been carried by the wind from Sugar Grove.

Exhibit B: Five (5) living concrete statues with a paranormal method of locomotion, representing various wildlife who had been exposed to and consumed an unidentified substance originating from Area-12.

Exhibit C: A chunk of dark, weathered basalt. Seemingly removed from a larger object. The outward-facing surface is covered in a regular pattern of neatly carved rectangles.

Exhibit D: Pages 3, 4, and 5 of this file. Records of the SCP Foundation's (primarily Area-12's) ceaseless unrequited hostility and antagonism towards, and disregard for, the integrity of the United States, her sovereignty, her Constitution, the safety of her general public, inter-normalcy organizational relationships, and the Veil.

Exhibit E: A forcefully avulsed thumb. Severed at the carpometacarpal joint by unknown means. Female, likely mid-adolescence. Discovered within hours of its severance.


Exhibit A: I'm not a metallurgist, so this doesn't mean a lot offhand, but it SOUNDS LIKE it's saying that pieces of metal, possibly very strong metal, BLEW IN ON THE BREEZE. Tell me I'm reading that wrong.

Exhibit B: Living. Concrete. Statues.

Exhibit C: I'm not sure there is an Exhibit C. I'm not feeling well.

Exhibit D: I take it these are the fuckers who cost me my arm and tolerance of the all-permeating stench that is hospital disinfectant. If they're a civilian foundation, why are they able to operate with impunity?

Exhibit E: I don't know what "avulsed" means.

Exhibit E, revised: So it's just a severed thumb. Great. Why is that evidence of anything?

Bureau Record:

Current Status: Status quo. The SCP Foundation retains jurisdiction over Sugar Grove, Green Bank, and the greater National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ). Direct investigations are discouraged by SecDef and POTUS. The UIU continues limited surveillance around the boundary of the NRQZ.

History of FBI UIU Action & Observation:

12/15/1972: Event occurs2. Sugar Grove is occupied by the SCP Foundation. An unknown quantity of FBI UIU response agents are dispatched. An unknown quantity return.

1973—1979: As per redaction.png, the Occult Branch of the Department of Defense (PENTAGRAM) permits ceding control of a large territory of Pendleton County to the SCP Foundation. The extent of the territory becomes defined by the county's south-eastern border with the state of Virginia, along with Routes 33 & 220 to the north-west.

On advice from POTUS and SecDef, FBI UIU involvement is restricted to external surveillance and limited third-party information gathering.

11/25/1979: Ten-year-old Silas Parker, Ezra Woods, Bezai Morrigan, Holden Inanna, and fifteen-year-old Quincy Ereshkigal, disappear within the forests of Sugar Grove. Unsatisfactory responses to federal inquiries from the SCP Foundation culminate in an order from the Director to deploy an incident response team into the area.

The response team arrives at the last known location of the children, whereupon they discover Exhibit E. Shortly into their investigation a group of individuals approach, loudly ordering the response team to immediately vacate the area and identifying themselves as agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, presently participating in a U.S. Government Naval Operations drill. The ensuing confusion nearly results in lethal confrontation before the response team is forced to withdraw, outnumbered by the group of what have now been verified as agents of the SCP Foundation masquerading as an FBI squad for purposes unknown.


2 A majority of sources corroborate.


This is quite the Come to Jesus dossier, isn't it.


1. A foreign power or shadow government is operating on American soil;

2. Said entity has been granted territorial concessions;

3. Said entity does not fully respect the authority of the United States federal government;

4. Said government has abetted said entity in its unconstitutional activities;

5. Said government employs agents and agencies themselves effectively constituting a shadow government in opposition;

6. Some form of accord exists between each above-mentioned party, relating to the maintenance of a facade of normalcy to cover up the existence of supernatural phenomena.


If my takeaway from this document review does not meet with AD Marek's approval, and this isn't an elaborate prank or stealth psych assessment, my body will never be found.

Secondary Conclusion:

They want me to join the Unusual Incidents Unit.

The National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ) contains the Green Bank Observatory and the Sugar Grove site.
11/30/1979: Despite protests from the Director and Exec. Asst. Director of the National Security Branch of the FBI, a request from the SCP Foundation demanding exclusive, unilateral control over the U.S. NRQZ is approved by SecDef, citing Foundation assistance in the 'ABSCAM' FBI sting operation earlier that year which saw seventeen government officials declared guilty of standard and para-criminial activity as cause. This approval cedes 13,000 square miles3 of U.S. territory to the SCP Foundation.

01/05/1980: See — Protocol Faultline.

04/0?/1981:redaction1.png redaction2.png redaction3.png An unknown quantity of agents are dispatched. An unknown quantity return4. Medical services in the surrounding region are inundated over the coming days as civilians suffering a wide variety of adverse, largely paranormal conditions are admitted.

11/08/1985: An unidentified substance with metamorphic effects is found to have leaked into the South Fork South Branch Potomac River which flows adjacent to Area-12, likely as a result of the Election Day Floods. Hundreds of animals are known to have consumed the substance as it spread downstream (see — Exhibit B). The Director and Executive Assistant Director of the Science and Technology Branch of the FBI extend a request for forward-going annual environmental reports from within the NRQZ. No response is received.

3 Bounded by NAD-83 meridians of longitude at 78d 29m 59.0s W and 80d 29m 59.2s W and latitudes of 37d 30m 0.4s N and 39d 15m 0.4s N.
4 A majority of sources corroborate.


If I'm reading correctly, the extrajudicial shadow bastards have been using their landholdings within the continental US to pollute the surrounding environment with paranormal waste, presumably resulting in those concrete wildlife statues from earlier. Is that what this says? Is there some poetic license involved?

SecDef and the UIU are at odds over how to handle the Foundation. We don't even present a united front.

06/12/1986: A major operation is conducted by the SCP Foundation in a valley adjacent to Area-12. The location is tightly secured, with all lines of sight blocked off for ~14 miles. The nature of the operation remains indeterminate.

11/15/1988: The 300 Foot Radio Telescope in Green Bank collapses. The incident is declared by the SCP Foundation — using the public guise of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) — to have resulted from mechanical failure and a sudden loss of structural integrity. FBI sources, however, indicate either foul play or external sabotage.

02/01/1991: With the collapse of the USSR and its GRU Division "Psychotronics", the FBI UIU budget is slashed in favor of investment in foreign intelligence services and defense. Surveillance of the NRQZ is, perforce, downscaled.

03/12/1993: Wide-spread civilian reports of "ghost sightings" south of the NRQZ are received as the 1993 "Storm of the Century" reaches West Virginia. While scarcely credible, FBI agents stationed south of the NRQZ for surveillance report being overcome by extra-sensory psychological phenomena, resulting in an advanced state of altered consciousness. All agents now reportedly suffer from one, several, or all of the following ailments: phonagnosia, ganser syndrome, pain disorder, onset sectoral heterochromia, and dyscalculia.

The cause of or relation between these reports or their coinciding with the Storm of the Century remains unclear and confounding.

1994—2012: Unknown; nonfunctionally documentable. Irrelevant conjecture is recalled long before recitation5.

04/04/2013: The SCP Foundation decommissions the NAVIOCOM communications site supporting Sugar Grove Station beneath the guise of the Department of Defense's Chief of Naval Operations, publicly announcing it as "a result of the determination by the resource sponsor National Security Agency to relocate the command's mission."


5 A minority of sources corroborate.



Project Blue Book type deal. The reference to the Russians clinches it for me. We've got secret government agencies responsible for handling things too weird to go on the official record, and we're not the only players in the game, and one of the players apparently holds all the cards somehow despite not being aligned with any state actor.

We're underfunded and undermined by our side, and the other side barely notices us.

Judging by the fact that they're able to evade or redirect governmental scrutiny AND have their way on American soil, the Foundation must have some combination of money, unique non-reproducible advantages, and friends in high places. That's all consistent with the gang we busted in on. Apparently I barely even scratched the surface, and it sure as hell scratched me back twice as hard.

There's one more page in the dossier.

I have an inkling.

Candidate Review

Name: Nasrin Khosravi
Nationality: American
Occupation: FBI Senior Special Agent
Age: 30

Personal History: Nasrin Khosravi was born in 1982. Her father was a political science professor at the University of Tehran, and her mother worked as an agent for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. They emigrated to the United States before her birth due to an unspecified scandal that saw her mother retire in disgrace. Her parents raised her to believe that public education and selfless service are vital to the cause of international peace. Her mother disappeared in 2001 while attempting to turn whistleblower to the International Criminal Court; in hopes of discovering what had happened, Khosravi attempted to join the Central Intelligence Agency but was denied for unspecified reasons. She instead joined the United States Armed Forces, hoping to achieve the same goal with a career in military intelligence, but was instead transferred into the American contingent of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. By now convinced that her efforts to discover her mother's fate represented intentional stonewalling by the governments of both India and the US, Khosravi substituted globalist idealism for her lost national patriotism.

Service Record: Khosravi was deployed to Namibia as part of UNAMSIL (the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone) in 2001. In February her peacekeeping unit picked up radio chatter from the Revolutionary United Front indicating an imminent raid on a clandestine government research facility. Moving to prevent the outbreak of open hostilities, they discovered an illegal prison conducting biological research on human subjects under the auspices of an unknown organization. The resulting conflict, subsequently known as Incident CARBON BANNER by the Global Occult Coalition, saw both Khosravi's unit and the RUF sustain heavy casualties before the facility fell into UN hands. A joint taskforce of the Global Occult Coalition and SCP Foundation relieved both groups and administered amnestics after debriefing them, since the facility made extensive use of paratechnology in its research program.

I'm not surprised they have a file on me, and I'm not surprised it's included in this packet. My inkling was correct, looks like. I get the point they're making.

The game is global. How big is the Foundation?

Not a fan of the psychoanalysis, though. What does my family have to do with anything?

And what the hell are amnestics? They told me I was in a coma for three days.

Service Record (Cont'd): Khosravi was honorably discharged from UNAMSIL at its conclusion in 2006, whereupon she successfully applied to join the Bureau as a field agent. Her combat efficiency and dedication to teamwork and unit coherence resulted in a steady series of promotions, culminating in her commanding her own team by 2004. What followed was nearly a decade of successful field operations; her policy of total disclosure to her agents, as opposed to keeping them on a need-to-know basis, made her unit internally famed for the talented personnel it regularly turned out. Every mission was an opportunity to turn someone expendable into someone experienced.

In 2013 she accompanied a strike team into the field in order to investigate a human trafficking case. Due to severe misinformation promulgated by the SCP Foundation, and their direct intervention in the raid, Khosravi’s unit was almost entirely wiped out by what turned out to be a small pack of SCP-939 instances. She alone survived, with the loss of one limb. This prompted her early retirement from the FBI.

Assessment: Agent Khosravi is a prime candidate for transfer to the Unusual Incidents Unit. She should be briefed on the nature of the SCP Foundation and provided additional documentation regarding their involvement in her personal history to facilitate the transfer.


Called it.

To whomever's removed this from the safe while I walk to Marek's office: hi! I am so utterly and completely in.


It's been a long time, but I've got a few more pages of classified information for your review. You remember the process: make notes for each page, then put it all in your safe with the files from DATE. This time, decide what you want to do about it before you come to my office. It'll be easier when you're alone with your thoughts.

- DDS Marek



Author: SecDef Donald H. Rumsfeld Date Filed: 01/05/1977


SCP Foundation Biological Research & Containment Area-12

Located primarily underground in Sugar Grove, West Virginia — proximate to what was previously the National Security Administration and NAVIOCOM's Sugar Grove Station — the SCP Foundation's "Biological Research & Specialized Containment Area-12" has been granted jurisdiction of these facilities in exchange for their continued operation and data transfer to all relevant parties, along with containment of an undisclosable anomaly believed to have manifested in the area sometime in late December, 1972, both in continuum.

The SCP Foundation, in active communication with PENTAGRAM, is authorized full autonomy within Sugar Grove & Green Bank, with future plans for the benefaction of the Nation Radio Quiet Zone currently in the drafting stages, sought in exchange for the facilitation of a reciprocal biological eigenweaponry research program.

For access to data pertaining to specific communications with Area-12's administration, please consult pg. 5 of this file with authorization from your superior and The Pentagon's top floor, Ring E head secretary; please remember to bring appropriate (Menoetius) clearance.

I fucking knew it! And now we've got the smoking gun. The skippers are using that blacksite to make paranormal WMDs, and PENTAGRAM let them do it. Rummy thinks they'll let him play with the toys once they're done. Fucking idiot.

The SCP Foundation is a clear and present danger to the United States of America and the rest of human civilization.

We need to start figuring how to get out from under their bloody thumb. So to speak.

Recovered File

On DATE, an embedded mole sent an encrypted snapshot of a recently-updated file on SCiPnet — the SCP Foundation's inter-facility computer system. The file was subsequently taken down and re-uploaded with the final paragraph absent just a few minutes later.

Group of Interest Profile:
The Benthic Brotherhood (GoI-246)

Threat Level: 2 (KULDE)
Membership: ~30
Area of Operations: New England coast, United States of America

The Benthic Brotherhood was a white supremacist organization founded in Stonington, Maine in 1927. Under the auspices of local lobster fishermen, the Brotherhood seeded the Maine coast with occult artifacts sunken into the seabed within shipwrecks, natural crevices and preserved fish carcasses with the intent of gradually awakening a deific entity they termed "The Red Asteroid." According to their theology, this entity would aid in the ethnic cleansing of the United States before elevating the believers to a plane of existence they termed "The Upper Depths" wherein they would serve as "Fleet-Lords" over ships crewed by the enslaved slain. The Brotherhood was first founded by occultists worshipping a different deity, sharing only its sea star form with The Red Asteroid; the present theology was created after a number of deaths and disappearances within the group left an authority vacuum which was filled temporarily by horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who also introduced the racial elements of the Brotherhood's beliefs.

The Brotherhood was destroyed on 11 May 1978 when interference by parties unknown prevented Foundation agents from conducting their regular neutralization of the sunken artifacts, and a creature superficially resembling The Red Asteroid was summoned in Penobscot Bay. It immediately consumed the lobster fishing fleet with all hands, instantly killing (or precipitating the eventual digestive demise) of each Person of Interest in the cult, before turning its attentions to the port of Stonington. At this point the creature, dubbed LSA-Stonington-01 by the Global Occult Coalition, was promptly disposed of via the application of an industrial quantity of epsom salt deployed via cargo plane.

The Brotherhood was destroyed on 11 May 1978 via the execution of Neutralization Plan 346-Alpha: the activation of a cognitohazardous strobe concealed in the Deer Isle Thorofare Light during the group's weekly meeting in Penobscot Bay, interacting with memetics seeded into their religious literature by an embedded Foundation agent and precipitating their collective heart attacks. Cleanup details are TBA.

Two different explanations for the same event. What does that suggest?

A. All big newspapers have pre-written obituaries for famous people, and sometimes they accidentally publish them at the wrong time. The Foundation had a plan for killing off these fishermen, and accidentally published that as the explanation alongside what actually did it.

B. No, it's definitely just A.

The Foundation had a detailed plan, with measures already put in place, for disposing of a cult of lobster fishermen. With a low threat rating. And that plan had a specific designation, with the Group of Interest number included. What does that tell us?

It tells us the Foundation almost definitely has plans for neutralizing EVERY Group of Interest, and some of them are already partially in place.

We need to start acting on this yesterday. Maybe yesteryear.

Service Record (Cont'd): Subsequent to her transfer to the UIU, Agent Khosravi's specialty became the surreptitious engagement of Foundation operatives without disrupting the official status quo of neutrality between the two groups. She had come to understand the UIU's relationship with both the Foundation and PENTAGRAM as a multi-front cold war, requiring the development of an educated body of agents capable of acting as long-term assets. Elevated beyond field deployment she instead engaged in operations control, continuing her long streak of successful missions with minimal casualties, though she repeatedly expressed frustration at her newfound inability to directly intervene. She channeled that frustration into providing as much aid to her operatives as humanly possibly, remaining one of the UIU's most prized hierarchical assets.

Service Record Excerpts (Selected):

UIU FILE ####-##

Prisoner transfer between SCP Foundation Area-06 and Paramax is interrupted when an electromagnetic pulse disables the armored troop carrier convoy, locking the UIU detail in their vehicle. Assailants of unknown origin attempt to commandeer the prison vehicle but are swiftly dispatched by Agent Khosravi, who had escaped from her vehicle by compromising it from the inside. The attackers are never identified.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): "They never give up anything they don't think they can take back. I made them think again."

UIU FILE ####-##

A raid on an occult bookshop in Three Portlands uncovers a set of thaumaturgical grimoires sought by both the Wanderers' Library and the SCP Foundation. Agent Khosravi contacts a representative of the Serpent's Hand and patriates the texts to the Library, unilaterally, against the express orders of her immediate superior. She is placed on mandatory leave for one month; after serving one week, she submits a personally assembled dossier to her section head, proving her former superior to be a Foundation mole. Her punishment is reduced to time served, and she is reinstated. UIU relations with the Library markedly improve.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): "They're like weeds, the Foundation. I figure if anyone knows how to handle the garden, it's the Serpent."


UIU FILE ####-##

The SCP Foundation informs the UIU that it has been operating a clandestine facility with access to Three Portlands, which has gone dark and become inaccessible except through the thaumaturgical Way leading into the free port. As the Foundation is not authorized to engage in operations in Three Portlands, Agent Khosravi's team breaches the facility via the Way and clears it of a now hostile researcher and mobile task force population. The facility's contents are classified, but the Outpost's failure is formally tied to "reckless experimentation" on the part of the Foundation, and they are assessed a financial penalty for breaking the spirit of the Hoover Mandate. Receipt pending.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): "That's who they are, ultimately. That's what they do. And slaps on the wrist won't change it."

UIU FILE ####-##

Agents interfere with a lawful auction by Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. within Free Portlands under suspicion of human trafficking; five undocumentable immigrants from a territory wherein the authority of the Unusual Incidents Unit does not penetrate are detained for three hours before SCP Foundation representatives successfully negotiate for their release, citing irrevocable power of attorney granted to MC&D as one element of a tripartite arrangement with that strange and distant place.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): "Just because they're forgotten doesn't mean they're not people."


UIU FILE ####-##

Agent Khosravi reports a senior Anderson Robotics representative to her supervisors; the representative attempted to bribe her with a prosthesis capable of fully replicating all natural functions in exchange for information on Bureau business.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): "What do you want me to say? I'm not in this for me. No sane person takes this job for personal gratification."

UIU FILE ####-##

SCP-106 escapes containment, and a joint Foundation-UIU mission attempts its recapture. It instead captures one of the UIU agents, who is able to communicate sporadically from its pocket dimension via an enhanced radio link. Agent Khosravi remains in contact with the agent for twenty-six hours as the anomaly hunts and gradually maims and dismembers him, staying on the line until his death is all but certain.

Agent's Testimony (Excerpt): None. Agent was unwilling to testify on this matter.


Yes, that is indeed the remainder of my service record. I didn't need a reminder.

I take it this is recruitment for an anti-Foundation taskforce.

They could have just asked me in person this time. Nostalgia or excessive caution on Marek's part?

Either way, it's a waste of vital time. I'm wasting it myself writing th

Draftee: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Unusual Incidents Unit
Date Filed: 01/05/1980



"The sick in soul insist that it is humanity that is sick,
and they are the surgeons to operate on it."

Eric Hoffer, 1955

Drafted to safeguard the sovereignty and security of all members via political and military means. Collective bargaining and defense at the heart of the Protocol establishes and maintains solidarity and cohesion throughout the anomalous world and its members.

What? This doesn't exist. I would absolutely have heard if this existed.

They're already way ahead of me, aren't they.

Just once, I'd like to be on the leading edge without bleeding all over it.

But this doesn't sound nearly enough. An internal resolution isn't going to bring the Foundation down. We need large-scale collective action, and soon!

Founding Protocol

As the unknowable grows steadily more concrete and immaterial, so does the threat posed to mankind and normalcy. Before this threat, we stand united; not as governments, corporations, or ideologues. But as mankind, as representative parts of a whole.

The SCP Foundation — whether their every ideal stands to couple with ours has always come second to our collective goal of ensuring mankind's continued prosperity and ascension in a universe saturated in that which can eternal lie. For this, we thank them. This organization has, on innumerable occasions diverted cataclysms sure to have led mankind toward extinction. For this, we are eternally grateful. However, this organization has, too, over the centuries, in due to our thanks and graces for its great deeds, grown fat; inflated and assured in its righteous goal that only they know the path on which to tread, and dogmatic in when others might follow. In our blindness and desperation for safety and normalcy, we've permitted its distention into a global, fundamental force beholden not to mankind, but to a ruling council merely laying claim to the obligation.

For this reason, we draft the Faultline Protocol. The SCP Foundation has too long operated without supervision, with impunity, and with naught but their own, isolated interpretation of the greater good, of the wishes of the many. Signatories herein represent mankind, its vices and virtues, its distinct and divergent interpretations of culture, religion, kinship, science, and philosophy; of what it means to be human, and the implications therein. Signatories acknowledge and affirm the fundamental nature of individuality: the inalienable right to one's own life and ability to reason; and therefore agree to apportion disagreements of natures political externally to the columns herein for the betterment of mankind unapportioned by borders material or metaphysical.

For we have arrived at the dawn of a new era. The SCP Foundation will, from this day forward, answer to mankind; no longer to their self-imposed axiomatic interpretation. Each signatory will, with the collective bargaining of all, wield the human right and capacity for liberty.

The Signatories to this Protocol reaffirm their devotion to the principles of their collective desire to live in peace and prosperity with all peoples and all governments. They seek to promote stability and well-being of the Veiled and un-Veiled worlds. They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective autonomy and for the eternal preservation of peace and normalcy. They therefore agree to this Faultline Protocol:


Column 1

Signatories herein agree to utilize this Protocol in conjunction and accordance with precedent agreements. Including, but not limited to the:

Column 2

Signatories undertake to act within reason and, unless coerced otherwise, to settle violations peacefully in such a manner that international normalcy and security are not endangered.

Column 3

Signatories, by means of continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid, will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist violations of territorial and political integrity or security.

Column 4

Signatories will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial and political integrity or security of any of the Signatories is threatened.

Column 5

Signatories agree that violations against one shall be considered a violation against them all and consequently they agree that, if such a violation occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence, will assist the Signatory or Signatories so violated by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Signatories, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the integrity of the Veiled world.

They can't be serious.

Nobody is going to sign this. It's like signing your own death warrant.

Is this what they want? They want me to use my connections to chat up the other "Groups of Interest" and get them on side with collective defense, create our very own Veiled NATO? It's never going to happen. It's impossible. It's idiotic.

We're fucked.

As of 01/01/2020


FBI — United States

Unusual Incidents Unit



Global Occult Coalition


SIS — United Kingdom

British Occult Service (MI666)

警視庁公安部 — Japan

Special Affairs Division

NI — Kingdom of Sweden

Bureau of Anomaly Regulation

방재원 — Republic of Korea

National Paranormal Emergency Service

ВАЗ СБУ — Ukraine

Department of Abnormal Threats to the Security Service of Ukraine

SISMA — Italian Republic

Anomalous Materials Information and Security System

SBP — Republic of Brazil

Brazilian Superintendence
for the Paranormal

內政部 — ROC Taiwan

National Paracivilian Agency

新茶嶺選區 — Hong Kong SAR

New Cha Ling

As of 01/01/2020


LTD — Commercial Entity

Marshall, Carter & Dark

LLC — Commercial Entity

Anderson Robotics

NPO — Independent


Religious Institution

Church of the Broken God

Religious Institution

Cogwork Orthodox Church

سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی — Iran

Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts

GRU — Russian Federation

Main Directorate General Staff of the Armed Forces Occult Branch

NGO — Mercenary Contractor


NGO — Independent

Institute for Human Education
and Development

NGO — Independent


NGO — Remnant Cell

Cuban Ministry of Anomalies

DoD — United States

Paranatural Warfare Command (PENTAGRAM)

I stand corrected.

| UIU File 1972-055 |


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