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Item#: MFSCP-1981
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: As per Radix classification, MFSCP-1981 is contained (and maintained) via its integration into the Foundation's command structure. Covert to its alternate iterations, RCT-Ξ”t must take all available action to assert and maintain baseline reality's status as the 'Prime-Timeline' (hereafter TL-001), including

  • Drygioni-class investigation of MFSCP-1981's origin and conditions thereof (chiefly, the significance of the year 1981);
  • exploration of parachronological, probabilistic, and/or pataphysical means of enforcing TL-001's 'averageness'.

Relevant personnel must undergo stringent identity verification to ensure no prior iteration of O5-9 or the Director of Temporal Anomalies is allowed to covertly (or otherwise) influence MFSCP-1981. Iterations of PoI-1780 (aka. SCP-110-1 / SCP-1780-2a) (Chairperson Dr. Thaddeus "X" Robspierre Xyank PhD. in duplicate) are the most common offender in attempting to infiltrate allied Foundations, and must be redirected to their respective timeframes where possible. Any individual constituting a potential manifestation of PoI-000 ("Administrator") is to be summarily ignored by the O9 Collective.

Baseline Overseer (O5) personnel are permitted selective access to MFSCP-1981 as it dictates; A-Class (Level 4 Clearance) personnel are permitted selective awareness of MFSCP-1981 on a need-to-know basis. The MFSCP-1981 file is stored at empty designation "SCP-XXXX" within Temporal Site-01's ORACLE-Class archive, accessible only to iterations of O5-9.

It remains the limited consensus of O5 Council-Prime that MFSCP-1981 be upheld indefinitely.

DESCRIPTION: MFSCP-1981 designates the Metafoundation Supertemporal Coalition Pact, a para-contractual agreement maintained within a variable decentralized network of alternate Foundation-like entities. Also known as the 1981 Multi-Foundation Coalition Agreement, the contract dictates, and retroactively enforces, several principles for inter-universal interaction among its Signees, and those Unsigned.



The 1981 Multi-Foundation Coalition Agreement

Per authority of the ORACLE Collective, on behalf of all Signees' Overseeing Councils
With consultation from the Board of Reynders, on behalf of all Signees' Temporal Authorities
In cooperation with Place Holdings Ltd. and GB. & Associates


Known by various aliases, including (but not limited to): The

This contract retroactively enforces its Signees' respective universes' adherence to the following articles:

ARTICLE Ø. The Metafoundation

The Metafoundation is a covert organization of Foundations dedicated to the securing, containment, and protection of all other Foundation-like entities from MFSCP-0001 and any other metanomalous phenomena.

CLASS: Metanomaly.An anomalous phenomenon which describes the behavior of other anomalous phenomena.

CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: MFSCP-0001 is partially contained via MFSCP-1981's retroactive enforcement clauses, and is to be further contained by any feasible, verifiably-safe means available. Potential containment vectors are under continuous study by countably-infinite research groups, each under direct supervision by corresponding members of the O9 Collective.

DESCRIPTION: MFSCP-0001 designates the apparent intended function of all known realities, the realization of various narrative universes depicting humanity's organized interaction with anomalous phenomena.

In all observable metastable causal branches:

  1. There exists a complex conscious species (Humanity) capable of realizing, interpreting, and synthesizing local reality into collective understanding (the Noosphere);
  2. Humanity is antagonistic to primarily extra-Noospheric phenomena (the Anomalous);
  3. there exists a significantly influential (often covert) organization (a Foundation-like entity) within Humanity whose objectives are defined in relation to the Anomalous.

This suggests an underlying system which naturally generates the above conditions and/or selectively expunges incompatible narratives, represented as timeline divergence and reconvergence, respectively. Deviation from the system's prescribed story-structures exponentially generates malignant narrative energy, which heavily counteracts said deviation; where insufficient to recorrect relevant causalities, said energy will collapse timelines entirely.

Signees of this contract represent Foundations which, despite inevitable ideological and methodological differences, genuinely intend to best benefit their respective iteration of Humanity through some version of 'the mutual securing, containment, and protection of Humanity and the Anomalous'.

The Metafoundation deems MFSCP-0001 antithetical to this goal and to Humanity's ultimate objective: to comprehend all, such that nothing can be considered 'Anomalous'.

The following organizations, despite their superficial similarity to the Foundation and its goals, are barred for membership consideration within the Metafoundation:

  • Shark Punching Center/Centre, Selachiosk Pungix Combin (SPC);
  • Active iterations of The Department of Abnormalities;
  • Man Zoo League (MZL);
  • Organizations upholding nationalistic or genocidal ideals in core foundational documents;
  • Organizations from the same timeline with mutually exclusive claims of being the 'sole' Foundation entity;
  • Any variant of parties aforementioned.


<Reynders scene I — introduction wacky alternate Foundations and inter-TAD confusion>

ARTICLE πŸ™. Motivation


This statement has been approved by Dr. Ilse Reynders, Director of the Temporal Anomalies Department.

following is nonclinical just to get words on the page

Traditional time-based models of reality suggest that there is only one universe but multiple timestreams in it. Conversely, multiverse-based models of reality suggest there are many parallel universes but a single timeline in each. We have come to accept that the reality appears to be composed of multiple universes, each with multiple timestreams.

Every universe has the right to self-governance. However, it is not uncommon from personnel from one universe to end up in another universe. Their attempts to restore the timeline they perceive to be correct are often catastrophic and verging on omnicidal. Furthermore the overlap of agencies with both multiverse-hopping and timeline-hopping technology has led to timelines to be entangled between universes where a ripple in one can affect another. This should be minimized to prevent cascade.

The existence of the multiverse has led to the issue of entangled causal threads.

The MetaFoundation Supertemporal Coalition Pact aims to:

  • Secure universal causal strands from gross retrocausal multiversal interference;
  • C
  • Provide a multiversal basis to establish personnel as friendly or hostile (e.g. "Thaddeus Xyank.")

<Brief mention of thad xyank being fired/dying (ambiguous). Reynders, who had been reassigned to temporal agent the previous year, was offered a promotion to director of temporal anomalies. During her training / her first few weeks of employment she's frustrated by the immense resources wasted getting confused by / defending against alternate iterations of the temporal anomalies dept from other canons.>

<Scene demonstrating the frustrating nature of dealing with other iterations of the temporal anomalies dept>

(or some other variant)


ARTICLE 𝟚. Obligations under the MFSCP

SCP-XX is under regular deliberation by the ORACLE (O9) Collective, of which the Foundation's current O5-9 (Cycle β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ, Aβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Mβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ) is the purported founder and central authority.

Consensus thereafter is disseminated to the current Director of Temporal Anomalies (Dir. Dr. Ilse Reynders, PhD. in hexadecuplicate), who must then take appropriate action to ensure the Foundation is compliant with SCP-XX.

Compliance entails:

  • Limiting transmission of matter and personnel to other MFSCP timelines.

Define the roles of all parties to the agreement, localized for the Prime Timeline:

O9 Collective

Local representative: O5-9
(You guys fill this in for your meta plot)

O5 Council

Local representative: Factotum of O5-9

  • Local governing authority

Department of Extra-Universal Affairs

Local representative: Trevor Bailey

  • Documentation of universe-specific informational documents;
  • Negotiate trade of scarce local material;

RCT-Ξ”t: Temporal Anomalies Department

Local representative: Ilse Reynders
RCT-Ξ”t is Universe-Prime's
Equivalent organizations operate outside of the causal string clusters of their universes.
The Temporal Anomalies Department sits outside of the normal flow of time. They have discretion over how to manage time in their universes and define the extent of acceptable interference.

  • Macro-scale monitoring of causal branches.

Department of Temporal Anomalies

Local representative: Alice Forth
First response to localized paradox
Functions within the timeline.

  • Enforcement of local causality.

Place Holdings


  • Downward-adjusted group coverage rates for K-Class Rebuilding Policies for all Signatory Foundation Entities;
  • Individual coverage for temporally and/or multiversally displaced personnel;
  • Advisory services on mass equivalence asymmetry induced in the course of inter-universal trade;
  • Coverage for any and all damages incurred in the course of performing duties coerced by this document.


ARTICLE πŸ›. Benefits of the MFSCP

Statement 3.1: Intelligence sharing
In case of irreparable XK-Class Event or similar, relevant documents shall be autonomously disseminated to all other Coalition members for cautionary purposes.

Signatories to the MFSCP agree to be amnesticized of third-generation Expanded Temporal Expressions i.e. those capable of transmitting across multiversal TVM barriers.

Statement ZZ:
Temporal Pocketwatches
Locator Beacon

Statement ZZ: Multiversal Architecture?

Lloyd Deportation Clause
Agree to deport and terminate "Samuel Lloyd" (baseline designation SCP-3856) in non-signatory/unallied universes; unified parachronological and military might to do so;


ARTICLE 𝟜. The O9 Collective

Info of:
<Reynders conceives of a multi-foundation agreement to consolidate all temporal anomalies depts to a centralized authority. Several other versions of her have also conceived of this at the exact same time, and they all meet up to secretly create the initial draft of the agreement. They present the pact to their respective versions of O5-9, the overseer of temporal anomalies, who ask to use the same technology to speak with their alternate iterations.>

<Excerpt of log in which versions of O5-9 deliberate on sections of the Pact>

Upon signing this document, SCP-XX will have been in effect for the entirety of recorded history.


ARTICLE 𝟝. Signatories

<The newly-agreed-upon pact is brought by O5-9 to the O5 Council for a vote. O5-1 votes against, while the rest are in favor or neutral. the agreement goes into effect and retroactively causes all associated timelines to always have followed the agreement, enacting reality-restructuring events across all of them in an earth-shaking way. The process of creating the agreement looks, from the perspective of each timeline, like they found a bunch of other timelines who happened to want to enforce all the same things they were already doing.>

(Or we put multiversal architecture here?)

Stuff for the chart:

One color for Founding member

One color for Refusal at TVM (This Very Moment)

One color for Uncontacted

One color for Ineligible?

Vanguard-Threshold (w Threshold as Prime)

Third Antarctic Empire Cluster

Resurrection Timelines, stylized to look as the Bloom

Spidercon?? As


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