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Item#: 7494
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SCP-XXXX title sequence.



Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX was a children's television program airing on public access channels in the Northeast of the United States.

Titled Smile! SCP-XXXX featured the titular character, Smiley, a hand-drawn, poorly animated face giving lessons about imagination to its target audience of children under the age of 6 years old. SCP-XXXX in its entirety contained seven episodes and was only known to have aired once.

The Foundation managed to recover 6 of the 7 episodes, which are detailed below.

Episode Title Synopsis Description
Imagine-troduction! Smiley teaches his pals the wonders of imagination! Come along and practice imagining with your new friend. The episode encourages viewers ("pals") to visualize common household objects (lamp, toilet, chair, etc) and fruit (apples, bananas, and oranges.)
Into The Wilderness Smiley and his pals go on a journey into the most frozen of tundras and the driest of deserts in search of the world's coolest critters. Smiley details his favorite animals, then encourages the viewers to do the same. After a period of time, Smiley calls for "Imagine O'Clock," a running segment where Smiley and the audience imagine together with descriptions from Smiley. The audience and smiley imagine their favorite animals for a period of 4 minutes. Episode ends with Smiley encouraging viewers to practice Imagine O'Clock every night before bed.
Smiley's Best Friend! Smiley introduces a new friend to all of his pals. The episode discusses Smiley's best friend, Frowny. Frowny never appears on screen, which is due to him being imaginary, according to Smiley. Episode ends with Smiley instructing viewers to think about what their perfect imaginary friend would be like.
Spooks and Scares! Smiley ventures into the Cave of Terrors with his pals. Smiley, accompanied by the imaginary Frowny, enters the Cave of Terrors. They come across a number of imagined roadblocks, such as vampires, witches, mean teachers, and large spiders. At a certain point, Smiley asserts that Frowny has gone missing and needs to be saved with the help of his pals. Imagine O'Clock begins with Smiley detailing the Cave of Terrors to the audience. Smiley continues describing the cave, defeating a number of zombies, clowns, and large snakes, only to find Frowny in a pool of blood at the end of the cave. The sound of rocks crumbling is heard. Smiley explains he and the audience are trapped in the cave forever. Episode ends.
Our New Friend! Smiley is his pals are in need of a new friend! Episode is entirely indecipherable. Test subjects (Aged 5 and 6) were rendered unconscious at the 5-minute mark.
Last Call! Smiley remembers all the fun he's had with his pals! Episode immediately starts with Smiley calling for Imagine O'Clock. The sound of rocks crumbling from SCP-XXXX-4 is heard. There is no discernable audio or animation following this. Test subjects continued watching and responding to unknown commands to the credits despite this.
Your New Friend! Unknown. Unknown.

SCP-XXXX has been linked to the disappearance of 30,000 people following the airing of its final episode.

Addendum XXXX.1: Investigation

Sam Hoskins was deployed to Swedesboro, a suburb of New Jersey, following the seeming disappearance of Alexandre Piedro (48), his wife Nancy Piedro (45), and their children Owen (17), Charlotte (14), and Oscar (2) in their family home.


Camera activates. Agent Hoskins exits his vehicle. He stands across the street from the home of the Peidro family. Three police officers stand on the lawn opposite him. Emergency lights are seen in the distance. Hoskins crosses and greets the officers, flashing a badge. An officer nods and leads Hoskins to the front door, lifting crime scene tape and unlocking a deadbolt for the agent.

Hoskins enters, flashlight in hand. The house is dark; wooden boards have been haphazardly nailed onto the windows. The living room is in disarray; family pictures are seen an laying below an opposing wall, shattered and likely thrown violently denoted but a number of holes in the wall. Near a fireplace, a television lay on the carpet, mangled with a beaten-in screen. Char and melted plastic are seen on the carpet fibers as if an attempt was made to burn the television.

Hoskins moves to a dining room. While the windows are similarly boarded, this room remains unharmed. The attached bathroom's door is ajar. Hoskins turns to enter. Crunching glass is heard, looking down, reflective shards can be seen. Moving in, the mirror lay on the ground, destroyed by a weapon; multiple holes are also seen in the wall where the mirror once was. The toilet is taped shut with duct tape. Hoskins retrieves a box cutter and slices the tape. Opening the lid, he finds a large, hollow ball of duct tape.

Hoskins exits back into the dining room carrying the package. He saws at the tape, finding its contents to be a trash bag. Ripping it open, he finds three tablets, four cell phones, and four laptops, all screens have been shattered, smashed, stabbed, and burned.

Crunching glass is heard from the second floor. Hoskins unholsters his weapon.

Hoskins cautiously ascends a staircase, identifying himself as a federal investigator. No response. The sound recedes. A number of framed photos that lined the stairs are shattered across the flight. Reaching a landing, a decorative mirror is seen shattered along the hallway; it appears to have been violently thrown, as a large hole in the wall is seen above the pile of shards. The sound of scratching and tearing ground louder. Hoskins once again identifies himself to no response.

Reaching the second floor, Hoskins identifies the sound as emanating from the master bedroom. He creeps the door open. The sounds cease. Hoskins scans the room, taking a careful step in. The comforter has been nailed to the windows of the room and all photographs and reflective surfaces were destroyed and lay in a heap near the bed. The television screen bulges outward onto the floor as if it were melted and blown up like a balloon. The end of this bulge is opened, wide enough for an adult man to crawl through. A number of scratch marks and tears are seen on the mattress.

On the opposite end of the room is a baby's crib. It's unharmed.

A droplet of liquid falls from the ceiling onto the crib's mattress. Hoskins glances up.

Video cuts.

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